Mystery Science Kitchen 3000

About Us

Mystery Science Kitchen 3000 is here to bring you entertainment and entrées, critiques and culinary delights, films and food.

MSK3K is brought to you by master amateur chefs, Josef and Jen  (J², as our imaginary friends call us). While Jen is a Pastry Chef and Baker’s Apprentice at a local bakery, and Josef is a paper pusher for a Pittsburgh start-up, together we form Mega-Chef! Well, amateur at best–either way, we’ve combined our efforts to bring you easy recipes, unique dishes, and deliciously entertaining reviews. Recognizing that the economy is still not at it’s best, we try to keep our recipes inexpensive. Other than that, we’re here to share our adventures in cooking, dining experiences in boss restaurants, and our love of (though sometimes campy) movies. We hope that our recipes help you find that cooking doesn’t have to be a chore, that improvisation is awesome, and that beer makes every mistake fade away.

Check in to find new recipes and great movies to watch while eating. Got a comment or suggestion? Let us know! We welcome guest bloggers, so if you have an awesome recipe, restaurant review, or movie review that you’d like us to share, email us at

Bon appétit!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love your recipes! Thanks for making a website!

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