Mystery Science Kitchen 3000

Reddit Spiral Dogs

Prep Time:
 5 Min
Cook Time: 8 Min
Serves: Depends on the amount of dogs
Difficulty: Dude, it’s a hot dog…
Recommended Sides: Fries, potatoes, green beans, mashed taters, baled beans, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Hot dogs

Step 1: Spiral Them Bitches
Ok, so I totally stole this from Reddit, but I had to try it, and it’s totally worth it. Basically, you jam a skewer in the hot dogs and place a knife at one of the ends. Bend the knife away from that end and slowly turn the skewer so that you cut around the hot dog in a spiral pattern. (Notice that the first one has super huge spirals. I learned my lesson as I went…)

Step 2: Cook On Grill/Bake
Grill and enjoy the golden, super-caramelized dog. It tastes better this way, I swear. For some reason, the flavor explodes in your mouth, and it only takes 3 extra minutes.

Step 3: Eat The Meat!
So some foodie friends came by after we cooked this, and they swore we used fancy dogs. All lies, we used the cheapos. Next time, we will try this recipe with worthwhile dogs. Until then, enjoy the cheap life of Jen and Joe!

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4 thoughts on “Reddit Spiral Dogs

  1. We love the way you spiral those hot dogs!

  2. SenorF on said:

    Ha, good old Reddit dogs, do they come with a side of Christianity bashing or do I need to supply that myself?
    Made them yesterday, pretty darn good though.

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