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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


Another movie review? Two in a row? Don’t worry, this is a short one. Jen and I got some free tickets to a pre-screening of this movie, so of course we went. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is about a middle-aged Steve Carell, named Dodge, who meets a slightly younger Keira Knightley, Penny, right as the world is about to end. A meteor is on its way to destroy the earth in 3 weeks, and people are dealing with their imminent doom. Think Melancholia, but without any realistic approach to the impending doom, character depth, more comedic, and with more product placement. In the end, some people get drunk, some people join orgies, some hang out with family, some pillage, some whimper, some fall in love.  Here’s the trailer:

I went into this flick thinking it would be a cheesy, shallow, summer romance movie. What I got was a cheesy, shallow, summer romance movie that dabbled in hipster culture (albeit superficially), but with a few chuckle moments. It’s boring for a good 30 minutes in the middle and it never takes its own themes seriously. It’s almost as if the director wanted to pump something out as quickly as possible before spring ended, missed the date and lazily produced the final version of the film.

Steve Carell is a good actor whom I’ve been waiting to take seriously. He has a way of being funny and serious at the same time, much like a normal human being. People make jokes when times are tough, and he’s good at acting real. That said, he has a knack for getting cast as a depressed weirdo who’s emotional range is limited by the machine that wrote the movie. Meh.

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