Mystery Science Kitchen 3000

The Unearthly Steak Sandwich Mark 2

Prep Time: 11.314 Minutes
Cook Time: 5-10 Minutes
Serves: Many carnivores
Difficulty: You can have me come to your house an make this for the low, low price of $400/hour plus travel expenses.
Recommended Sides:  An empty stomach, 2 1/2 friends, nostalgia, fries, salad, cheeeeese.

1/2 Green pepper
1/2 Onion
Fancy-pants bread
A little butter
Pepper-jack cheese
2 Green onions

2 TBS Dijon mustard
1 Cup Soy
1/2 TBS Worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup olive oil
1 TBS Asian chili sauce
Some Pepper
Some Salt

Step 1: Admit Mistakes
Ok, so I’m not perfect. Last week I posted a version of this recipe that, while being awesome, was not as glorious as it could have been. We toyed around with the recipe and found a slightly better way to make it. So if you made the first one, I apologize for nothing. Instead, I offer you a chance to make an even better sammich. Step one, the marinade. Combine the marinade ingredients into a bag. Chop up the meat, toss it in and let it sit for like an hour. Next, chop up the veggies and heat them over a stove on medium (peppers and onion). Take them off just when they start to brown.

Step 2: Imma Butter Yo’ Bread
Butter up the bread and toss it in the ol’ broiler. Make it slightly brown, then take it out.

Step 3: MEAT!
Toss the meat on medium-high until most of the red has gone. Toss in the veggies and cook for another minute. Take off heat. Throw everything onto the bread and add the cheese on top. Place back into the broiler until the cheese melts. Next toss on the green onion and serve.

Step 4: Profit
This recipe is so bomb, you’ll impress your friends, family, and even your enemies. Pro tip: don’t overcook the meat…

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