Mystery Science Kitchen 3000

Egg Drop Pod People Soup

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 8 Minutes
Serves: 2 with leftovers
Difficulty: You can do this drunk
Recommended Sides:  Bread, sushi, rice, lo mein, James Bond.

1 cup mushrooms
4 Cups chicken stock
2-3 green onions
2 TBS Soy sauce
1/4 Onion
1TBS corn starch
2-3 eggs
Some pepper
A little ginger

Step 1: Squeeze Out Chicken Juice
Get a big pot and toss in the chicken stock, soy, onion, mushroom, bleach, pepper, and ginger. Don’t add bleach, that will kill you. What were you thinking?! Heat until it boils.

Step 2: Eggie Weggies
Mix the starch with some water and stir until its all even. Toss in the pot. Next, beat 3 eggs to a pulp and start stirring the contents of the pot (Warning: don’t add too many eggs. You may think it will help, but it makes the whole thing one solid mass of goo. Trust me on this one). Slowly pour the egg in and watch as it magically turns your soup awesome.

Step 3: Smell That? It’s Awesome
Turn off the heat and let it sit for like a minute or two. Toss into bowls and garnish with the green onion. I recommend eating with crackers or bread, something to soak up the soup. This is a great meal to make when you’re out of meat and everything else. It’s cheap, fast, and easy; just like you! BAM! Jk, I’m sure you’re a wonderful human.

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