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In Case Of Zombies, Break Glass

So this isn’t a usual post, but I think some of you might find it interesting. Recently I decided to join the hosts of Lawrenceville artists in the annual Art All Night gallery with a different type of medium. Art All Night is basically what it sounds like: a bunch of artists put stuff in a gallery and let the drunken citizens of Pittsburgh come view it. It’s all free and pretty rad. Anyway, I decided to make an “In Case of Zombies, Break Glass” for my piece. I don’t usually do stuff like this, but it looked like fun so went for it.

Over the last month I’ve been looking for the best items to add. First I started with a crowbar. A crowbar in a zombie apocalypse is clutch. Think about it. You’re running away from a fast-ass zombie, need to get into shelter, but all the doors are locked. Smash one open and begin the barricade! Assuming you’re still alive during the end of the world, you will spend a lot of time going in and out of buildings looking for supplies. Most of them will be locked, so be prepared. It also works as a great bludgeon to fend off the dead. One swipe is all you need.

Fast zombies:

Slow zombies:

Next the machete. Nuff said, amirite? Slash your way through the hoard! Okay, so it may not be weapons grade, but you get the point. Then the flashlight and health pack came next. I couldn’t find a health pack I liked enough, so I went for these army issued wraps that come in a green, official looking package. Also it matched the greed of the ammo case on the left of the case. The gun was also mandatory, but in a zombie apocalypse it seems almost useless. If you don’t have training, you’ll probably miss or kill yourself with it, but it would also be handy in a pinch. You’ll also run into the ammo issue, so I added a belt ammo pack. If you rely on a gun, you’ll eventually be screwed. I think the idea is evade, not make as much noise as possible. At least for my zombie plan

The case was a bitch. First I thought about making it, but it was too much work and wouldn’t look as nice. I broke down and bought a shadow box from a nearby Michael’s and it’s working pretty well. I still need to stencil “In Case Of Zombies Break Glass” on the front, but hey, I’ve got another day. Anyway, here’s what the project looks like so far, hope to see you at the show tomorrow!

I’ll post up the final pics this weekend, thanks for checking in!

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3 thoughts on “In Case Of Zombies, Break Glass

  1. What a great and fun idea! In case of Zombies… Reminds me of that hypothetical question: “which 3 items would you choose to have with you if you knew you were going to be stuck on a deserted island?”

    Also reminds me of my paranoid uncle who is planning to move to the country, “because that’s where it will be safest if civil war breaks out”. Civil war!?! Not likely where we are from. I’m wondering what supplies he’s stocking in his garage…

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