Mystery Science Kitchen 3000

Chili Limits

Prep Time: 8 Minutes
Cook Time: 25-35 Minutes
Serves: 2-3ish
Difficulty: Ain’t Nothing But a ‘G Thang
Recommended Sides:  Rice, salad, beer.

Chili (canned, bagged, or homemade)
1/4 onion
Cornbread mix
An Egg
1 1/2 cups of milk

Step 1: Chili Me
So Jen came home with a bag of chili from work. We thought it would be too boring to eat alone, so we thought we’d bake it with some cornbread. Awesome and easy idea. Slop the chili in a small baking dish and start the cornbread!

Step 2: The Bread of Corn
We had some generic cornbread mix laying around, and we just followed directions. Some milk, an egg, and some stirring and yer done. We chopped up some onions and cooked them slightly, just to make them nice and tasty. Toss them in to make an oniony layer between the chili and cornbread.

Step 3: Fire Time
Spread the mix over the chili. We learned the hard way not to over do it, so try not to make the cornbread layer too thick. If you do it will take forever to bake, and the inside might be squishy. Toss cheese on if you like.

Step 4: Get Fat
Jen and I ate this whole thing and it was awesome. It was a good amount of grub, and we got chubby-tired and lay on our sides like beached whales for about an hour. First world problems, I know.

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