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A Boy And His Dog

Holy shit. After I finished this, I immediately Wiki/Googled what the hell I just watched, but in a good way. It is the first and best look into an alternate universe where the wold has bombed itself to hell, and now only a few survivors walk the earth. There’s sci-fi, horror, comedy, and romance involved, so get ready.

Lets start from the top (no spoilers).


A boy and his dog are walking around the desert after the apocalypse looking for women (no, not Finn and Jake). The boy wants to be carnal, and as far as I can tell the dog only wants popcorn. Oh, and also the boy and dog can communicate with one another telepathically. Sure, why not? If you’re watching the movie for the first time, don’t think that they’ll explain why. They assume you’ve read enough to know that the dog was genetically engineered to be brilliant, and that he can communicate mentally with people. Not all people can talk with him though, just those with whom he connects in a special way. It’s called love, baby! Also, the dog’s name is Blood. Awesome.

Anyway, so these two are walking around and Blood is helping Vic (the boy) find a woman to rape. I’m not making this up. That’s whats going on. Imagine the end of the world as we know it, and there are only the strong who survive. Out of these, pick two random assholes and that’s who this movie is about. Well, one of those assholes is a dog. Anyway, they run around trying to find “love” for the boy, and everything goes south. There’s one of those authoritarian camps that rules everything with an iron fist, some raiders who rape and pillage everything, and some messed-up radiated monsters who roam the wastelands. That’s all I can say about the plot without ruining it. It does get weird though, so saddle up.


8 points for style. All 8 points are for creating the end-of-the-world scenario where the world has been ravaged by nukes, and only raiders survive. Think the Fallout series, the Mad Max Franchise, and every other movie that has to do with a war-torn, barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland. All of those things were born from this movie. I took 2 points off for the cinematography and god-awful music. The music makes the film feel like a country comedy, and the way its shot makes it feel like amateur film. Maybe it was, idk, but it doesn’t detract enough to make the movie unwatchable. Anyway, as much as these two aspects suck, the rest of the movie well makes up for it.


This movie is copied so many times by so many other movies and video games that it clearly has made an awesome impact. It takes one idea of the future and runs with it to an almost silly, but always sober, point. It’s funny and horrible at the same time, and it makes you want to take a moment to revisit your own ethics as you imagine them in this setting.

Watch it. Seriously, it’s worth it. In retrospect, this movie makes some awesome points about the horrors of humanity. Sure, the main characters are awful people, but they’re better than everyone else around them. You want them to do well because everyone else is so much worse. You hope they survive so that they can find peace and remake the world. But your hope is dashed by the end of the movie, and you are left with this weird feeling that tells you that everything isn’t alright. But in a good way. Like you’re finally realizing the way people are, or at least would act if the world fell apart around them. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll know what I mean after you see it. You won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, here’s the trailer. Watch it!

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One thought on “A Boy And His Dog

  1. Totally gonna go out and find this movie now. Cheers!

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