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Pico Conquered The World

Prep Time: 20 min or so
Cook Time: None, son!
Serves: Not really a meal, more of a topping…
Difficulty: Lot’s of chopping, lot’s of onion miasma. Not for the weak.
Recommended Main Dishes: Tortilla chips for dippin’, tacos for eating, nachos for glory, and anything else you want to make awesomer.

4-5 Roma Tomatoes
1/3-1/2 onion
1 Jalapeno
1/4 bunch Cilantro
1/2 lime
A little garlic
1 TSP olive oil
1 TSP vinegar
1 TBS water
Salt and pepper to taste

Step The First: Cry Baby, Cry!
Chop up the onion, tomatoes, and jalapeno into tiny bits and toss into a big bowl. Stir and get to work on the cilantro. You’ll want to use only the leaves, which you will slice into tiny bits and toss into the bowl.

Step The Second: JUICE!
Toss in all the juice and stir. Chop the lime in half and stab it with a fork a few times. Squeeze it’s juicy contents into the pico, and yer pretty done. You will want to let this sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes before eating, just to make sure all the juices and stuff are mixed together. I don’t really know why, but it tastes better if it sits for a while. Taste it and add whatever else you think would taste good when you’re done.

Step the Fourth: Put It On Stuff
Yeah, do this. Like tacos, nachos, whatever. We once put it inside chimichangas and it worked out well. Once, when I was a kid, I put it on a wound and it healed. JK, don’t try that. I bet it would suck.

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2 thoughts on “Pico Conquered The World

  1. My husband would go wild for this – I’ll have to try and make it next time I do fajitas.

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