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The Round Corner Cantina Brunch

For our second restaurant review, we went on over to the Round Corner Cantina in Lawrenceville. We just happened to be walking by last weekend when we noticed that they serve brunch, and it was relatively cheap. On any weekend, the Cantina is a crazy busy bar that we try to avoid (too many humans, kind of expensive drinks, and no place to sit), but something in our guts told us to give it a shot…

Location: 3720 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Number: 412-904-2279
Sunday Hours: 12pm-4pm (21+)
Brunch menu

The Atmosphere: 9/10
Other than being slightly small, and the main seating area resting between the kitchen and a server station, there’s really nothing bad you can say about the layout or decoration. The joint is well decorated with lamps, interesting chandeliers and lighting, unique wallpaper, and since it’s 21+ only, no screaming kids. They keep it kind of dark in there (mood lighting), which gives you a more intimate dining experience, and makes your eyes focus on the many unique lights. Customers ranged from their mid twenties to the fifties, and there were no loud or annoying tables.

The Food: 8/10
The menu at the Cantina is awesomely cheap, and very delicious. The food has an interesting southern, almost Californian feel to it, and all the ingredients were fresh. On top of that, the menu offers a TON of beer/mixed drink options, but as I’m not much of a morning drinker I did not imbibe like the table behind us. Shortly after we sat down, our table magically grew the best damn tortilla chips and salsa I’ve had in a long time. Seriously, these chips are incredible. We ate a bowl in a half while waiting for our meal, and once it came we wished we had saved some space.

I ordered the La Torte (basically a chorizo, fried egg, and refried beans on bread), and it was excellent. The bread was slightly grilled with butter, and the egg complimented the chorizo well, and everything was very well prepared. They even added a small side of cooked veggies to boot. Jen ordered the Tamale Con Heuvo, which included two slightly over cooked eggs buttressing a delicious tamale.

The Service: 7/10
The servers were nice and knew the menu well, but ours happened to be slow. Both our coffees and waters went empty for about 10 minutes during the meal, but it also looked like we were just 1 of 10 tables for our waitress. Since the food was so awesome, we couldn’t take off much for this, but it was the lowest point of the experience. Honestly, it was good enough to keep us enjoying the meal, and in no way will keep us from coming back.

Total: F the numbers, it was awesome and we’re going back. You should go there and eat food too. 

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2 thoughts on “The Round Corner Cantina Brunch

  1. alex on said:

    did I read that right and brunch is 21+.. bummer as I have a kidlet i’d need to drag around and that place looks spiffy..

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