Mystery Science Kitchen 3000

Cosmic Breakfast Burrito

Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2-3
Difficulty: How much have you had to drink before noon? If it’s less than 3 beers, saddle up! 
Recommended Side Dishes: Breakfast potatoes, hash-browns, OJ, coffee, more bacon, and toast.

6 slices bacon (or more…)
Chili (leftovers, from a can, or salsa. Something spicy and awesome.)
Shredded cheese
2+ tortillas
Eggs (2 per person)
1 pinch steak seasoning (or salt and pepper)
1 pinch chili powder

Step 1: Make Me a Bacon Man
Cook up bacon, about 2 slices a person. Cook on medium, and While they are cooking, do everything else below.

Step 2: Heat Chili
If you made awesome chili a few days ago and need some new uses, we’ve got you covered. If not, go buy a $1.50 can of chili and make it shine with this recipe. Heat it up in the microwave or stove. We used the microwave because we were late to a birthday party. Strain and set aside.

Step 3: Prepare Tortillas
First, wet some paper towels and wrap them around the tortillas. Nuke them for 1 minute. This makes them nice and floppy. Toss some cheese on them, set the oven to broil, and set aside.

Step 4: Cook Eggs
Toss 2 eggs per person on a pan and add chili powder and SteakChop. Mix them up with a spatula and add spice to taste. When they look done, they’re done.

Step 5: Broil Tortillas
Put the tortillas in the oven (covered in cheese) and watch for a few minutes. You want the cheese to melt, but the tortillas to stay soft: don’t let them burn! Once that’s done, put everything on the counter/table and serve.

Step 6: Eat it, breakfast people!
The magic of this recipe shines when you see how everyone makes their own breakfast burritos. I put a shit ton of bacon and chili on mine and Jen covered her’s in cheese. The chili makes it so you don’t really need salsa, but if you’re in love with pico de gallo go ahead and add it. Eat up!

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