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Parmesan of the Dead (Chicken)

Prep Time: 20 minute
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4-6 depending on side dishes
Difficulty: Nut up or shut up
Recommended Side Dishes: Green beans, potatoes, squash, beer, noodles, and anything Italian

Chicken breasts
3-4 eggs
2 TBS Italian seasoning
1 TBS steak seasoning
1 TBS garlic powder
2 cups bread crumbs (of flour)
A dash cayenne pepper powder
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup pasta sauce
A handful of cheese

Step 1: Eggs and Dubstep
Put the eggs in a large bowl and beat them to death, then set aside. Get another bowl and toss in the Italian seasoning, steak seasoning, garlic powder, and bread crumbs. Mix it up like dubstep and set aside.

Step 2: Prepare the breasts
We found that if you need to thaw out some chicken in a pinch, stick it in warm water for like 10 minutes. Super fast and awesome. Take the thawed chicken breast and cut it in half from the side (so as to make 2 large, flat pieces), and you can also cut the chicken in half to make more even portions.

Step 3: Dip and Season
Take the chicken and slosh it around in the egg, getting the whole thing nice and eggy. Toss it into the seasoning you made and make sure each side is covered in it. If you have a lot of egg leftover, dip the chicken back into it and once more into the seasoning for a double dip. Double awesome.

Step 4: Fry
Put the olive oil in a frying pan and heat it up (set to medium-high). Gently place the seasoned chicken into the pan and be careful not to burn yourself. Flip the chicken after a few minutes and keep on the heat until it is nice and golden brown. You can cut the fattest piece of chicken with a knife and fork to check if the insides are done. If it’s pink, keep it on longer, it its white, you’re done.

Step 5: In the Heat of the Kitchen
Set you’re oven to broil. Place the chicken onto tinfoil or a thin pan and cover each piece with the pasta sauce. Sprinkle cheese on top, and place the pan directly under the broiler. Once the cheese has properly melted, take it out and let it sit for a second before eating.

Step 6: Make Your Friends Hate You
That’s right, eat in front of your friends and talk about how amazing the food is. We decided to place ours on garlic bread for a glorious union of bread and beast, and added green beans for fun.

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One thought on “Parmesan of the Dead (Chicken)

  1. Brandon on said:

    I like the Highlife pounder side dish. It compliments the bread.

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